Our dry cleaning services include expert dry cleaning, shirt laundry, household items, leather and fur cleaning, alterations, hemming, and wedding gown care. To learn more about each service, click on the category that meets your need and then come in and see us!

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Expert Dry Cleaning

At Wetzels, we are committed to making sure your clothes looks their very best.  We are family owned and operated since 1915, so you can count on us to handle…... Read more

Shirt Laundering

At Wetzels, we understand how busy life can be. That's one reason we provide shirt laundry service. Shirts are laundered and pressed according to each customer's preference and our specialized…... Read more

Household Items

Lots of household items are too delicate or just too big to clean successfully at home. Since 1915, Wetzels has been perfecting our methods of household cleaning so you can…... Read more

Leather and Fur Cleaning

Leather and fur cleaning requires highly specialized attention to be sure that each piece and cleaned and conditioned to achieve the best possible finish. That's why for the last 30 years…... Read more


Wetzels Quality Cleaners offers a variety of alterations and repair services to make sure your clothes are ready to wear. We offer: Minor repairsHemmingReplacing buttons and zippersPatches... Read more

Wedding Gown Care Services

At Wetzels, we take pride in our individualized approach to garment care.  This attention to detail is particularly evident in our bridal gown care. Each dress is hand spotted, hand…... Read more